A new service by Chabad

Chabad has been helping many members of the Jewish community with their lifecycle needs. In addition to conducting funural and unveiling services, Chabad has now added a new service that it will happily provide to all those that need it.

For over 1,800 years, we have honored our departed parents by saying the Kaddish prayer.

Kaddish is a Mitzvah, a true act of kindness, and one of the basic cornerstones of Jewish life. It has the power to lift the soul from one spiritual world to the next, ever higher, every year. Many people wish to say Kaddish for their loved ones, but for various reasons, find it difficult or even impossible. We are one people with one soul. Hence, Torah law teaches that when needed, one Jew can say Kaddish on behalf of any other.

Chabad's new service arranges Kaddish to be said, according to tradition, on behalf of whomever you choose. We make arrangements directly with those who will be saying the Kaddish, Rabbis in Israel who are fully observant of Jewish law, tradition, and practices.

You will also receive an annual reminder of the upcoming date of the Yahrtzeit when Kaddish will be said. Chabad is committed to the correct performance of this important Mitzvah you share with us.

Pease contact our office for more information. As always the Mi Shabeirach Health Prayer will recited at the Torah reading for anyone in need of a speedy and complete recovery.

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